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57 years and still going strong, welcome to the world of Parvez Shoes Pvt. Ltd.

It was in 1956 that Mr. Iqbal Ahmad founded the first stone of what is PARVEZ SHOES PVT LTD (PSL) today. Under the business name of UPPER INDIA LEATHER WORKS, Mr Ahmad manufactured industrial leather belts and worked together to build a profitable venture by producing goods of superior quality. INDIAN TANNING INDUSTRIES (ITI) was instituted in 1969 with new and improved techniques and broader industries covering vegetable tanned leather. It further moved into chrome tanned finished leather industry, which was used especially for safety footwear, and thus established itself globally under the export house name of ITI.

In 1985, INDIAN LEATHER INDUSTRIES (ILI) became a worldwide exporter of Stitched Upper, Strobled and Lasted Upper by being a 100% export oriented unit. ILI is a government recognised export house and has had many recognitions given at State and National level.

Parvez Shoes Pvt. Ltd. (PSL) was initiated in 1997, with state of art technology in direct soling and machine from Desma, Germany, which was equipped with roughing robot with latest technologies, leading to the production of safety footwear with comfort & long lasting products tested & certified from PFI, Germany.

Keeping up with the traditions of innovation and improvement running through the years, PSL launched its safety footwear brand ‘For-Toe’, during the A+A 2009 fair, which was greeted enthusiastically by numerous buyers. Every time at the A+A fair, PSL presents the latest developed models while promising to deliver on the quality of the products.

Continuing with the promise to deliver the best in the market, Parvez Shoes Pvt Ltd launched its international segment with ‘TOP SAFETY’in the Middle East Countries with a major presence in Dubai while the Indian markets weren't devoid of its super quality with the conceptualization of ‘STRONG’brand products; both getting a sky rocketing demand. Both the successes were pioneered by Mr. Parvez Ahmad, son and partner to Mr. Iqbal Ahmad with his combined expertise and experience for over 25 years.

We are putting in our best efforts for new developments, testing of products, providing services, keeping huge inventories to fulfil customer requirements and all these making possible with the help of technical and qualified staff.

“We deliver what we Promise.”


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